I've received several great inputs and of course the million dollar question keeps cropping up - does it make sense to set up a captive or doesn't it?

Well, as I've said before, value is in the eyes of the yes and no. Lets say a company is closely examining this and wants some guidelines to help it move further in its debate.

For this, I've created an evaluation chart/framework that asks the organization to evaluate its readiness based upon just 4 criteria. I feel these 4 criteria are the most critical ones to answer first.

These 4 criteria are:

1. Leadership commitment
2. Articulation of objectives
3. Willingness to appoint a top level exec to drive the strategy
4. Existence of mature global engagement processes or willingness to do so

That's it!!

I have uploaded a short presentation on slideshare that goes into a bit more depth.

Here is the link:

Do take a look and keep the questions/comments coming!


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